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Interaction Designer | UX Researcher | Maker

Hi, I'm Sneha. I recently graduated from California College of the Arts, with a Masters in Interaction Design.

I’m an experienced Interaction Designer and UX Researcher with a demonstrated history of working for Healthcare, FinTech, Social Impact, Education, Gaming and Retail industry. 


 I'm valued for my deep and systemic thinking attitude of carefully navigate through complex data points and ecosystems to craft nuanced yet straightforward solutions.  Apart from geeking out about design, I'm also extremely passionate about Manadal art and glass illustrations!

I enjoy working at the intersection of

Emerging Tech

Interaction Design + UX Research +

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Community driven co-creation 

I believe in leveraging design to understand and voice the needs, and aspirations of people, especially members of marginalized communities to co-create impactful solutions. 

Methodology champion

My experience of experimenting with various methods has bestowed me with a superpower of identifying the appropriate method and framework for every stage of the design process based on the context. I have successfully practiced multiple methodologies like  1:1 interview, Stakeholders Mapping, Desktop Study, Online Surveys, Shadowing, Contextual Study, Card Sorting, Journey Maps, Agile Research Methods, POEMS, AEIOU, Diary  Logs, Usability Testing, A/B or Multivariate Testing, Web Analytics, and Experience Prototyping. My all time favorite though is 5E's!! ​


What's your favorite methodology :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Entrepreneurial venture Kaanch (glass)

It gives me immense joy to explore various materials, textures, and process to create handcrafted pieces. This love inspired me to start Kaanch, a personalized handcrafted home decor and gifting solutions portal for homeowners, interior designer, and art enthusiasts to indulge in. I leverage Instagram and WhatsApp to share and sell my products online and even conducted weekend workshops at local maker spaces. 

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The mandala story

My love for stories emerged from my childhood memories of my grandma sharing tales and lost folklores. As I grew, my interest in collecting stories merged with my love for illustration to form an

ever-growing collection of mandala art. I believe my fondness for stories makes me instantly connect with people from various communities to know more about their life experiences. In addition, my love for illustrations and storytelling enables me to communicate these stories effectively.

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The occasional escapes 

As much as I love staying indoors and working on my craft, I enjoy taking a break to spend time outdoors and explore all that nature has to offer. The last time I was at Yosemite I got a chance to see a baby bear in its true habitat!! The surprises and unexpected experience that nature offers us is truly unbelievable.